going forwards looking backwards

As mentioned in 2019, and for other perhaps obvious reasons in 2020, I didn’t find time in 2021 to write frequently for this blog. So, as in 2019, but with no summary this time to accompany them, the following photos will have to give some indication as to what I got up to.

Given my disuse of it I’m undecided, going forward, as to what to do with this blog. I’m not writing for it in the manner I thought I might. Which is fine. Plans change. But as I still think it worth to have my own bit of space on the web, I have to decide in what shape and form that takes. But before that, a glass of port. And as I forgot to post it, the first port of the season was:

  • Reading: The Stranger’s Child, Alan Hollinghurst (and dipping in and out of The Fire of Joy, Clive James)
  • Viewing: Fraiser (full series on 4OD)
  • Drinking: Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port