BadBadNotGood – Time Moves Slow

I’ve just begun listening (having heard nothing at all before) to BadBadNotGood. Their new album IV was out Friday. I haven’t had enough time, or listened to the album more than once, to write a half decent considered post about it. So below are my initial notes, maybe or maybe not to be written up into something more substantive:

  • Jazz, as in Ill Communication by Beastie Boys – sound of recording rather than anything else
  • Jazz?
  • Tortoise – even Oxes
  • ‘Time Moves Slowly’ – “Soul”- warm recording?? – an entry point
    (because of singer?)to rest of album if I choose to take it – to circumnavigate second point
  • Vocalists dictate genre – hip hop, soul etc.? – therefore just arbitrary labels (“a minimum security prison”)

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