The Gaylettes – Son Of A Preacher Man

On occasion, after a few drinks, my friends and I sometimes end up playing Song Roulette.

This is a game in which each person playing takes a turn to select a song to put on in the hope it exceeds, or at least equals, the quality of the song chosen by the player previous. Sometimes things get heated: once I witnessed the evisceration of someone for simply choosing to play U2′s ‘New Year’s Day’ on New Year’s Eve. (Well, I mean, come on…)

So the game is anything but easy. Sometimes the mind draws a blank. It’s during one of these, as the panic rises, you may seek recourse in a “fall back” song. A song you know everyone will like. Dusty Springfield’s ‘Son of Preacher Man’ is such as song. It’s safe (this no reflection on the song’s quality, however. Rather it’s within the context of the game it becomes so). It’s Van Morrison’s ‘Brown Eyed Girl’.

When one of these blanks happens to me again – and it will – I may have found though, in this The Gaylettes version, a viable alternative.

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