To follow a minute-by-minute cycle of news is to be constantly threatened by illusion. So I’m not just staying off Twitter, I’m cutting back on the news sites in my RSS feed, and deleting browser bookmarks to newspapers. Instead, I am turning more of my attention to monthly magazines, quarterly journals, and books. I’m trying to get a somewhat longer view of things — trying to start thinking about issues one when some of the basic facts about them have been sorted out. Taking the short view has burned me far too many times.

– Alan Jacobs

My copy of the new issue of Delayed Gratification arrived in the post today.


I began buying it about a year ago and thanks to a subscription bought for me for Christmas by my sister I will be reading it well into this year. It’s difficult to remember what sparked my initial decision to buy it, but the issues Alan Jacobs brings up in this post from earlier this year are definitely similar to the ones bothering me at the time.

Whether Delayed Gratification will usher in a slow news revolution is debatable. Perhaps it’s unimportant. For currently it provides an alternative to the existing news landscape and I’d definitely recommend you buying a copy.

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