Going For A Song: ‘Strangers Out Of Blue’

St. Thomas – Strangers Out Of Blue

While reading a review of the new Jen’s Lekman album I began, by, I guess, just the geographical nearness of their countries, remembering St. Thomas.

This was the moniker (later Saint Thomas) Norwegian Thomas Hansen released records under until his death aged 31 in 2007. I hadn’t listened to him, I don’t think, since hearing ‘Oh, I Have Left The Ground’ on a compilation in the early 2000s. So I did what I didn’t do then – I searched out the album, I’m Coming Home (2002); and I haven’t stopped listening to it since.

As usual, for today’s post, one part of me wanted to choose a song that would convince you to the album like ‘Oh, I Have Left The Ground’ did for me; but the other part (the selfish part?) won out and I’ve chosen the song that upon hearing it snagged me to the album: ‘Strangers Out Of Blue’.

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