Bright Eyes – Four Winds

The band Bright Eyes were pretty much a constant throughout my twenties. I’ve a lot of memories connected to the band, and a lot of these involve my friend Eddie, who was a fan of the band too.

Last week I had an overwhelming urge, which grew stronger as the week progressed, to revisit Cassadaga, Bright Eyes’ 2007 album. I eventually gave into it and I’m glad I did. My initial resistance was maybe from the fear that even though it was only released 11 years ago, listening to it would merely be an exercise in nostalgia*; but this wasn’t the case. The album still stands up. And though I haven’t listened to other Bright Eyes’ albums like Lifted (2002) or I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning (2005) for quite a while, I’m going to claim Cassadaga the better album.

I could have chosen any track off the album as there’s not really a weak song on it, but I’m choosing ‘Four Winds’ as I think it was the first release off the album and so it would have been the first song from it I heard.


* Who said that nostalgia and convenience are the drugs of this decade? I can’t remember, but I tend to agree with them.

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