Early Day Miners – Sans Revival

I’m looking forward to the paperback publication of Erin Osman’s Jason Molina: Riding With The Ghost. Not just because the book is about Molina, but because I’ve always thought there’s a book to be had in writing about the bands that sprung up in the Midwest during the late 90s and early zeros; bands like Songs: Ohia and Early Day Miners, who both released records on the Secretly Canadian label; and looking at the blurb to Osman’s book, she might have written it.

It was my knowledge of Secretly Canadian, and not Early Day Miners, that made me pick up the album Offshore for a few pounds in a record shop I can’t now recall the name of nor remember its location, and which is probably now long since closed.

The album is not long: it’s a series of linked song (you can hear ‘Sans Revival’ flow from the song ‘Deserter’) of which three, I learned from this less than favourable review from the time, are inspired by the song ‘Offshore’ from a previous EDM album. But what the Pitchfork reviewer bemoaned about the opening track, I enjoy; the unchanging repetition sets you up nicely for the rest of the album, which ebbs and flows with what the reviewer correctly called the album’s ‘intricate’ songs.


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