I have seen Bob Dylan live. I wasn’t sure at first. I remembered seeing him perhaps at Wembley Stadium, because I had a vague memory of talking with my friend Tim as we made our way out of the gig. But I thought this might have been a dream, a false memory. But no, I was there. I found the ticket stub:


I’ve never seen Bob Dylan live since. This might not strike you as odd, but I like Dylan quite a bit. And it’s not like he’s not been touring any. My main reason for never have gone again has been the cost (usually £65+) of the tickets. My thinking has always been I can see 2 or 3 bands, new bands, for that amount of money.

And this was my thinking when I saw the improv show Whose Line Is It Anyway was at the Royal Albert Hall this weekend. The tickets are far from extortionate (£30-£65) but again, for that amount of money, I thought I could go see a couple shows at The Nursery Theatre or Hoopla; or I could finally go watch a show at the Free Association or C3Sunday. And I guess I’m writing this to recommend you do so to.

I’m not the first person to recommend the small show over the big show – and I guess I could be accused of having a vested interest – but to go occasionally to one or two smaller shows (be it of improv or music or comedy or theatre) instead of a big show is something everyone should choose to do.


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