Low – Always Up

My younger self would lament the fact, but due to the way I now find out about and then listen to music, new albums take their time to filter through to me, and I’m usually a year behind in my listening. This meant, when I started thinking about what albums I most enjoyed this year, I found the majority were pre-2018.

There was some music from 2018: Sam Pulham’s ‘The Merry Green Wood’ EP, which I loved, was released this year, and so was Bob Dylan’s More Blood, More Tracks: The Bootleg Series Vol. 14, but the latter is a collection of outtakes (albeit excellent ones), and the former an EP, so both had to be disqualified.

I eventually decided on Low’s Double Negative as my album of 2018. I can’t say I’ve had it on steady rotation because it’s not an album that lets the listener in easily – it is certainly a record that fights against itself – but I keep coming back to it. And what I’ve learned is that Low albums can be like that; it can be years before you come round to their excellence.

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