Iron & Wine – Walking Far From Home

In My Decade Wrapped (and I’m aware there was detractors, but it’s hard not to agree with Om Malik’s post Spotify Wrapped: Data Story Done Right) my musical artist of the last decade was Iron & Wine.

I kinda went huh, but when I thought about it it made sense. Throughout the 2010s, Iron & Wine have been consistent in releasing records and apart from the album Ghost on Ghost, which I just did not get into, I’ve been consistently listening to them.

That I have remained attentive has a lot to do with how Iron & Wine’s songs create a world. It’s a world not archaic, yet not modern, recognisable to the listener but also deeply strange.

My favourite Iron & Wine album from the last decade if pushed to choose one? That would be 2011’s Kiss Each Other Clean. ‘Walking Far From Home’ is the opening track off that album.

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