Going For A Song: ‘Rise’

Public Image Ltd – Rise

Anger is an energy

It’s a lyric which has always stuck in my mind. It’s not just the way Lydon lodges it in there by drawing the vowels of each word out, but perhaps, because more so than ever, as an idea, it goes against the thinking of anger as something destructive, something to avoid, an emotion we should try not to “give in to”.

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Going For A Song: ‘Steady Jam’

Sad City – Steady Jam

When it comes to introducing me to new music the Gilles Peterson show and Stuart Maconie’s Freak Show (and its offshoot the Freakier Zone) on BBC6 Music have filled the role the music press used to play. I’ve mentioned and featured songs I’ve heard on the Freak Show in this blog previously, so I wanted to give a quick mention to the Gilles Peterson show.

On a Saturday afternoon the scope of what he is able to play, unencumbered it seems by any restrictions, is impressive. It’s a compliment to the show I think that I can hear it being broadcast at 3pm or 3am. This by Sad City is an example of one of the longer tunes Peterson seems to be able to place seamlessly into the show; and is yet another song heard on the show I’ve since listened to again and again.