Can You Hear Me Elon Musk?

This week, in their ongoing quest to put movie stars on the moon, Elon Musk’s SpaceX sent a car into space. I over simplify I know, perhaps misunderstand the motives, but the why and wherefores are not my primary concern here. My concern is the music.

It was reported the car’s radio was set to play “a David Bowie soundtrack on a loop”. I’m guessing here, but did ‘Space Oddity’, along maybe with ‘Starman’, make up that entire soundtrack by any chance? I like David Bowie. In fact there’s a nice documentary currently on the BBC iPlayer about him. And I like ‘Space Oddity’ and ‘Starman’. But let’s mix it up, let’s broaden the range, let’s make it even odder.

I already offered up a while back one song to play, which amazingly hasn’t yet (to my knowledge) been taken (literally) up. Nevertheless, in a moment of optimism, I’m suggesting another:

Can you hear me Elon Musk? Can you heeeeaaaaarrrr me?


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Down in a Wikipedia Hole

You know it’s going to be a slow Friday work day when you wander into the Beach Boys Wikipedia to find out exactly when the song ‘Kokomo’ was released, and after an indeterminate amount of time later emerge blinking from the Two and Half Men Wikipedia page, because you wondered just how did they work it when Charlie Sheen left? Then…you write about doing it.


Going For A Song: ‘Jumpstarting’

Deer Tick – Jumpstarting

I was asked if I wanted to come see Deer Tick at the splendid Islington Assembly Hall on Tuesday by my friend Doug. He thought I might like them. And he thought right. They had just the right mix of irreverence and craft in what they do live to make them a great listen to someone who’d not heard them before.

Since the gig I’ve been listening constantly to the two records they released last year – Deer Tick Vol. 1 and Deer Tick Vol. 2 – which demonstrate the different kind of songs they write. ‘Jumpstarting’ is off Deer Tick Vol. 2, the “rockier” record of the two.


Quickly pop out

Just briefly on that Guardian piece I mentioned in my last post: I don’t think, to quote from it, that those “watching a middle-aged man stand very still while another middle-aged man watched television in a bunker” is just the preserve of those at the ground, but is experienced by those, who the journalist refers dismissively as, watching “a series of coloured blobs moving on a screen.”

Watching football not at the ground for whatever reasons (financial or geographical) may not have the same excitement, or be the same experience, as watching at the ground, but its excitement and experience is just of a different kind. I remember jumping up on my feet and pacing the living room floor when I heard Louis Van Gaal was to bring on Tim Krul for quarter-final penalties against Costa Rica in the 2014 World Cup (it worked – Krul saved two), and I was on my own!

So people not at the ground will be affected by the VAR delay, just they have the option of doing something else while it occurs.

Anyone fancy a trip to the corner shop?