Going For A Song: ‘Leftover Wine’

Melanie – Leftover Wine

It was the start of Broadstairs Folk Week on Friday. I usually make it down for the weekend but I didn’t manage to this year. I’m going down tomorrow for the day now. Merlyn Driver – who if you still haven’t sought out even after my recommendation you really should – is playing a couple of shows.

I’m choosing this song by Melanie to mark the start of the festival. I’ve somehow never heard anything by Melanie before. And though I’m not sure where I first heard ‘Leftover Wine’ I’m thankful I did. This starts off folky and ends up something and somewhere quite different.


Camden Fringe Shows

City Impro are back at the Camden Fringe. And this time I’m with them.

We’re at the 2Northdown for Improv Deathmatch on the 10th, 17th, and 24th (on @ 7.15pm. Tickets available here); and at the Aces & Eights for Ultimate Improv Deathmatch on the 17th, 18th, 24th, and 25th (on @ 10.15pm. Tickets available here). If you’re in London come along.

And here’s the promo video for the shows:


Reading: Therapy, David Lodge


Going For A Song: ‘The Door to This House Remains Open’

Super Furry Animals – The Door to This House Remains Open

Geraint Thomas won the Tour de France earlier today. So I’m choosing this song by the Welsh Super Furry Animals (Thomas is Welsh), from Guerilla, probably my favourite album of theirs.


Going For A Song: ‘Till St. Dymphna Kicks Us Out’

Conor Oberst – Till St. Dymphna Kicks Us Out

After revisiting Bright Eyes’s Cassadaga album, I’ve been listening to Conor Oberst’s most recent albums – Ruminations and Salutations. I’ve only listened to the latter a few times, but it’s the former that edges it for me. This is the last track off that album.

Not Gone Forever

Using the Wayback Machine for work this week, I deviated from what I was supposed to be doing to looking up defunct websites. In the process I managed to find this review I had published on the Plan B magazine website. I’d thought it’d gone forever, but no.

I was so pleased when I got this accepted, so pleased. I’ve sometimes thought to try to contact Gracelette, the lives editor at the time, to tell her how much I appreciated her publishing me, and for the much-needed encouragement it, and she, gave me. I never have. But one day maybe she’ll read this.