Going For A Song: ‘Love Shack’

B-52’s – Love Shack

I saved a wedding DJ’s life once when, seeing the guests unmoved by his song selection, I suggested he play ‘Love Shack’. I did this for nothing except just to help a fellow music enthusiast succeed in his chosen endeavour. Ok, maybe, maybe I did it so I could reserve bragging rights – rights which admittedly I took up with some gusto – to tell anyone dancing within ear shot, and now beyond, that the song that had moved them onto the dance floor was my suggestion.

Going For A Song: ‘Deep Six Textbook’

Let’s Eat Grandma – Deep Six Textbook

I was talented musically when I was 17. Well, maybe I wasn’t but I had few talented friends I hitched my rudimentary guitar / bass playing on to. And I think if the internet had been around then like it is blah, and if we had had the access to recording these bands have now you never blah, we might have got blah, we might have played blah blah and then maybe we would have blah blah and then I wouldn’t now blah blah and just maybe blah blah blah.

Going For A Song: ‘Lucille’

Little Richard – Lucille

I assume no-one reading this really needs an introduction to Little Richard. Even if you don’t know him I’m sure you’ve heard him. And you’ll have definitely listened to someone who’s been influenced by him directly or indirectly (and this, if you asked Little Richard, never short of confidence, is just about everyone).

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Going For A Song

I’m in Poland. In Krakow. I was hoping something – a song – would jump out at me for this blog. Nothing has as yet. Krakow is absolutely lovely but most of the bars or cafes I’ve been in so far have played nondescript dance music. So instead of a song this week and because I did want to write about something musical related to Poland I’m posting this picture.

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