Going For A Song: ‘Cheap Wine’

Charlie Parr – Cheap Wine

Every time I listen to a live recording of Charlie Parr it sounds like the most fun you can have at a gig with just one man and a selection of guitars on stage. At its best Parr’s music – the fast stompers or the slower songs – deeply involve the listener with the characters that populate them: like the liquor store owner narrator of ‘Cheap Wine’, his customers: the old ladies who “ain’t no better than all these bums”, and the kid, in the wrong place, who “wasn’t so bright, drunk all the time”.

Going For A Song: ‘If I Could Only Fly’

Blaze Foley

Sometimes the saddest songs are the simplest. Sometimes these songs are country songs. ‘If I Could Only Fly’ would be unbearably sad if it wasn’t for that line “You know sometimes I write happy songs”. You can almost hear Foley give a wry smile as he sings it.