Going For A Song: ‘To Know Your Mission’

Jens Lekman – To Know Your Mission

My album of 2017 is Jen’s Lekman’s Life Will See You Now.

I was going to write a blog post saying why. This blog post would have encompassed All Tomorrow’s Parties 2008; ideals that could never be kept and that, I believed, weren’t meant to be; growing older; a brief nod to the excellent production on the record by Ewan Pearson; all backed up by quotes pulled from Jens’s commentary about the album. But I run out of time. So sorry, you’ll just have to take it on trust – it’s a great album.



Going For A Song: ‘Evening Prayer’

Jens Lekman – Evening Prayer

Last Sunday after publishing Going For A Song I realised the last three had been mainly about the dead. So for this week I’ve chosen a song that has survival, friendship and living at its centre.

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