Going For A Song: ‘Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues’

Mclusky – Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues

Despite everything, I made friends that outlasted Mclusky. So when it was announced they were reforming for a couple of shows, Rob J texted, 12.47pm, Mclusky are playing the garage in December; then Andy texted, 16:49, Mclusky are playing a London gig, fancy it? And it was a review I wrote of a Mclusky gig in 2005 (“I have Mclusky so I can stand on the edge of everything and shake; shake so I can finally feel something”) which allowed me the chance, for a short while, to write for a music magazine I liked. So you could say Mclusky gave me a few things.

I’m not going to the gig though – can’t make it. A shame because despite my reservations about bands reforming, after reading this* by Falco (I too, Falco, put songs in quotation marks, but italics for albums), Mclusky would have been the band I took the risk for (“If you/we/us/it must venerate the past then I suppose that we should at least venerate it for a good cause” – Falco). So I’m hoping these 200 odd words go in my stead; and let me echo, in 2015, my 2005 self signing off that live review, in all its calling upon the divine glory: God bless Mclusky and God bless their cocksucking blues.

* It’s great. Do read it.