Can You Hear Me, Elon Musk?

This week, in their ongoing quest to put movie stars on the moon, Elon Musk’s SpaceX sent a car into space. I over simplify I know, perhaps misunderstand the motives, but the why and wherefores are not my primary concern here. My concern is the music.

It was reported the car’s radio was set to play “a David Bowie soundtrack on a loop”. I’m guessing here, but did ‘Space Oddity’, along maybe with ‘Starman’, make up that entire soundtrack by any chance? I like David Bowie. In fact there’s a nice documentary currently on the BBC iPlayer about him. And I like ‘Space Oddity’ and ‘Starman’. But let’s mix it up, let’s broaden the range, let’s make it even odder.

I already offered up a while back one song to play, which amazingly hasn’t yet (to my knowledge) been taken (literally) up. Nevertheless, in a moment of optimism, I’m suggesting another:

Can you hear me, Elon Musk? Can you heeeeaaaaarrrr me?


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Going For A Song: ‘Ghost Riders In The Sky’


The Space Lady – Ghost Riders In The Sky

Instead of trying to rebuild space stations and attempting to land on Mars I am of the opinion that astronauts and their colleagues’ time would be better spent rigging up a very big sound system out there “in the darkness”, so as to broadcast music back to earth. (Like Radio Caroline but, you know, in space.) It won’t fall to me to consider the implementation of such a system. But I would happily give guidance as to what records to play. And the first record I’d recommend would be this: The Space Lady’s version of ‘Ghost Riders in the Sky’.

It’s not just because of her moniker I think it an apt choice, but it’s the very odd ethereal syntheness of it that makes it a prime candidate. And as I now imagine ‘Ghost Riders In the Sky’ emanating from “the heavens”, I can’t help but conclude the whole planet would benefit greatly from the whole experience. If doubting put it on now and look up into that darkening sky (if it indeed it is darkening where you are) – see if I’m not right.