Going For A Song: ‘To the Lightning’

Wussy – To the Lightning

Today I discovered Wussy had released their sixth album, Forever Sounds, in 2016. I’d like to say I was aware of the previous five albums and this was just an oversight, but to my forever shame that’s not the case. It is some consolation then that I’m not alone in coming late to Wussy, but only a bit.

I’ve said I’d be jealous of someone who’s never heard The Smiths before because they have all that great music to discover. So, when I say I had the problem earlier of not knowing where to start with Wussy’s back catalogue, it wasn’t really a problem more a decision akin to whether to choose an orange or strawberry Quality Street.

But I picked the album Attica! (2014) just because it has ‘Teenage Wasteland’, ‘North Sea Girls’ and ‘To the Lightning’ on it.